Battlefield 3 Beta

So the Battlefield 3 beta is out right now (Get started with the beta if you haven’t yet!) (Also get that pre-order in!) . I am completely enthralled with it at the moment.
I’ve been playing this for PC, and yes I have Origin. If you feel like joining me in a game, hit me up, my ID is GorathKaiga.
So far I’ve been loving it. People need to realize, ITS A BETA, so don’t judge how much you like or dislike this title based on the beta. Of course you’re going to see bugs of course you’re going to see imbalance, and of course you’re going to experience problems playing the game overall on your hardware. You may experience problems with ATI/Nvidia cards? Thats fine, go download the beta drivers they have out.

I am currently running an MSI GTX560Ti, with the beta driver, and have so far had no crashes. I’ve run into a few  bugs with the game, but not with the game crashing on me or performance issues.

Find your Nvidia BETA drivers here.

(Don’t ask me about ATI/AMD drivers.)

But I will say, Dice has done a hell of a job with this game. I’m loving it, and can’t wait for the final release. October 29th