Getting back in the game.

Well, long time no post.

I recently landed a job at my local ISP as a NOC Technician (their Tier III department).
It’s one heck of a learning experience and I’m learning a lot of stuff a text book simply doesn’t teach you.

Anyway, I’m going to stat blogging again, and I’m getting back into the study routine. Balancing time for blogging, studying, social life, R&R, and work will be a bit of a challenge, but:

I will be starting with some basic configs switch and router security, setting up the ‘comfy config’, telnet setup and move into RIP, VLANs/VTP/STP, and trunking concepts, and later get into some OSPF and EIGRP. I will add some other stuff along the way obviously with PPP links, authentication, frame relay and I’ll do some Wireshark captures, etc.