Network Protocols Map by Javvin

So I picked this up last month, and thought this is worth a mention. Whether you’re going to hang it up at work in a cubicle or your office, your home, your lab, anywhere, it is pretty useful. Also it makes a nice decorative piece 🙂 (If you’re a nerd like me.)

Its a Network Protocol map, that is made by Javvin, mapping the TCP/IP model to the OSI model and shows a detailed diagram of network protocols and at what layers they operate. Not just regular TCP/IP, but also protocols from vendors such as UNIX/HP/SunMicro, Novell, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, as well as ISO, VOIP, VPN and Security, and SAN protocols. Its pretty detailed and is not too big, and not to small. (27in x 39in) and at the bottom it lists all the information for organizations like ANSI, ETSI, FCC, IEEE, ISO, ITU, ISOC, and IEC.

I personally recommend one, and for $20, its not a bad buy at all.

Network Protocols Map by Javvin

Now Javvin does make a lot more posters than just this one. I would look at them as well if you’re interested, such as Unix/Linux OS maps, Network Management, VOIP, Wireless, Wifi, Network Security, and more!


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